Our Focus

We are constantly seeking out exciting new ventures and partners that support our mission and can help grow the field of conservation finance. At present, we are exploring opportunities in the following areas:


Wild-Sourced Products & Agroforestry

Wild-sourced products are natural resources, most often plants and their parts, collected from the wild, such as berries, nuts and fungi. Agroforestry is the practice of combining forestry and agricultural principles in both traditional and modern natural resource management systems. Such processes are key components of sustainable forest management and can provide sustainable incomes for local communities while leaving precious forest ecosystems intact.

Marine Harvest & Sustainable Fisheries

Marine harvest, or ocean farming, is the practice of cultivating and harvesting sea vegetables, shellfish and fish. These can be processed into an array of products such as food, fertilizer or biofuel. As our global population grows, so does the pressure on marine and freshwater ecosystems and, consequently, the need for more sustainable aquatic resources.

Eco Lodges

Because their clients are precisely in search of pristine nature experiences, eco lodges have an inherent interest in preserving biodiversity. Many lodges also operate in areas of key biodiversity significance. As a result, eco lodges can be important local stakeholders in work to safeguard natural habitats and the species living within. Eco Lodges are also potential ambassadors for biodiversity and can help bring global attention to local environmental issues.

Conservation Business Challenge Greece

WWF Impact Ventures is now running in Greece! For our conservation challenges in Gyaros and Dadia, WWF Impact Ventures is working with motivated individuals, start-ups and existing businesses that can have a positive impact on these natural habitats. You can find more information on the program here.