What we do

We help to source, build and facilitate investment in conservation businesses that positively impact the natural ecosystems in which they operate.


"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

- Stephen Hawking

Investing in Biodiversity

WWF Impact Ventures sources, builds and facilitates investment in conservation businesses that positively impact the natural ecosystems in which they operate. We define a conservation business as an enterprise that:

  • reduces threats to or generates benefits for natural habitats and species;
  • values and respects the environment it works in and the communities living within it;
  • demonstrates the commercial and operational viability to sustain itself financially.

Conservation businesses play an important role in improving environmental conservation outcomes. They help to measure and revalue biodiversity, provide new incentives for conservation and promote livelihoods that respect the quality of the surrounding environment.

Our Expertise

WWF Impact Ventures is a unique global program that provides conservation businesses with access to expertise and finance. We draw on the considerable expertise available to us from across the WWF network and maintain active links with impact investors interested in supporting conservation businesses. We work in three main areas to:

  • support conservation businesses in environmental impact measurement and the implementation of biodiversity management best practices;
  • provide targeted capacity building and technical assistance to conservation businesses;
  • generate attractive investment opportunities in high-impact conservation businesses for investors interested in biodiversity-linked outcomes.


«Nature is too big to fail – Biodiversity: next frontier in financial risk management»

With the UN Biodiversity Conference in Kunming (China) coming up in autumn 2020, it is very likely that the next frontier of sustainable finance will be biodiversity. “Nature is too big to fail” focuses particularly on the financial risks stemming from biodiversity loss, as it is the primary role of the financial sector to assess, evaluate and manage financial risks.

WWF Switzerland and PwC Switzerland released the report at WEF, Davos on 21st January 2020. Please find the press release and the final report here.