What we do

We work with impact investors and conservation businesses with the aim of increasing private sector involvement in reversing the current trend of biodiversity loss.


"Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change."

- Stephen Hawking

For impact investors

Impact investments are investments made with the intention of generating positive, measurable social and environmental impacts alongside a financial return. One of the main challenges for impact investors remains the lack of widely accepted, science-based approaches to measure and track the impact of their investments. This is especially true for multi-layered, multifaceted topics, such as biodiversity.

We support impact investors in their aim of assessing the biodiversity impact of their actual and potential investees by developing a biodiversity impact assessment framework (BIAF) that aims to:

  • Inform investors about the biodiversity impact potential of a prospective investee
  • Support impact investors for setting well-founded biodiversity targets for their investees
  • Assess the potential biodiversity impact of portfolios
  • Inform businesses about their biggest levers to support biodiversity
  • Support businesses with biodiversity impact tracking

The BIAF, developed in collaboration with The Biodiversity Consultancy (TBC):

  • Is based on the five drivers of biodiversity loss (IPBES)
  • Integrates positive and negative, direct and indirect impacts on biodiversity
  • Assesses three biodiversity components: Extent, Condition and Significance
  • Targets start-ups and SMEs in all sectors

The most recent version of the framework can be downloaded here. For more details, please visit TBC's website or watch the recording of the BIAF's launch webinar below.

For conservation businesses

We define a conservation business as an enterprise that, through its business model:

  • Directly reduces threats to or generates benefits for natural habitats and species
  • Indirectly benefits biodiversity by lowering pressures on biodiversity

Our support for conservation business is currently on hold. However, we are always interested in learning about exciting new ventures and partners that support our mission.