For a future in which humans and nature prosper together.

We support enterprises that make biodiversity preservation the integral point of their commercial activities.


We invest in, support and catalyze enterprises that make the promotion and preservation of biodiversity an integral part of their business model. We are dedicated to regenerative, place-based solutions that tackle threats to their ecosystems. The case we are trying to prove is simple, yet powerful: it is possible to build businesses that equally benefit natural habitats and the communities operating within them.

What are we looking for

Projects with the potential to profoundly impact the biodiversity in which they are operating in while generating financial returns in the process.

People that are ready to accept their role as stewards of biodiversity and are willing to enact meaningful change.

Investors that share our vision and want to explore synergies.

Who we are

WWF Impact Ventures facilitates investment in for-profit conservation businesses around the globe. By leveraging the environmental and financial expertise of the WWF network and our partners, we are helping the businesses of tomorrow grow and realize their vision.

Our focus areas

At present, we are exploring the following focus areas:

  • Agroforestry & Sustainable Agriculture
  • Wild-sourced & Non-Timber Forest Products
  • Marine Harvest & Sustainable Fisheries
  • Eco Lodges

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Get in touch!

For inquires about the program, you can write to us directly or use the form alongside. For information about the programs and activities of WWF Switzerland, or WWF generaly, please visit: wwf.ch