WWF Impact Ventures is an acceleration, capacity building & access to investment platform for conservation businesses in priority eco-regions.


WWF has been a fund-raising organization since its foundation more than 55 years ago.

But philanthropic and public funds are not sufficient to meet the world’s conservation funding needs, estimated to be USD 300-400 billion a year. Conservation NGOs need to rethink and re-engineer their funding models to be able to bridge the gap between existing capacity and current needs.

We need to explore new models that help local communities find a way to protect nature and earn a living.

We need to create investment opportunities to attract a wider pool of funders.

Last, but not least we need to move from pure donor funding to income generating activities.

The platform aims to:

  • accelerate impact objectives (where appropriate through business approaches);
  • move from pure donor funding towards income generating approach;
  • strengthen entrepreneurial approaches and improve exit-strategies.

WWF Impact Ventures was launched by WWF Switzerland in 2013 to prototype the use of impact business and investment approaches to advance the impact goals of WWF.

WWF Impact Ventures is launching a new platform for conservation businesses in mid-2018.

The platform will feature entrepreneurs and businesses that work to support the six major WWF goals: forests, oceans, wildlife, food, climate & energy, and freshwater – and three key drivers of environmental problems: markets, finance and governance. The platform will support both idea and early stage ventures, as well as existing businesses looking to scale.

From January 2018, we will be looking for promising ventures with the following characteristics:

  • Impact: Can it make a difference and contribute to the impact targets of WWF?
  • Viability: Can it work, commercially and operationally?
  • People: Can the proponents pull it off? Is there an entrepreneur, a team, and supporters?

If you would like to learn more about the types of ventures that we support, then please take a look at our portfolio page.

To register your interest with us, or to send us information on your venture, please get in touch.